Helkama cables for industrial applications and telecommunication

HELKAMA RE and HELKAMA KJAAM and many more

The Helkama Industrial Cables are LSZH and respect the IEC normative and they are:
- Halogen-free
- Low smoke emission
- Fire resistant
- Flame retardant

The Helkama RE - cables are used in many chemical industries and oil refineries around Europe and certified. The Helkama RE-instrumentation cables have a GOST-R certificate which is required for the Russian market. The Helkama KJAAM -cables are used all over the world in the paper & graphic industry. For technical information see the catalogue on Helkama industrial and optical cables (pages 20-32) or look into the specific pages for industrial application and telecommunication (head office website):
- 75V-300 V Helkama Instrumentation cables;
- Helkama Power cables;
- Helkama fire resistant cables
- Helkama LAN and BUS cables

Furthermore, we have other industrial cables that can be communication cables, power cables, data transmission (ethernet) cables, analogic and digital signal and can be installed in fixed and mobile devices, in outdoor environment (permanently), in damp environment or wet indoor environement. Here some of the characteristics of the different cables:
- Triple protection cables (with 3 conductors);
- Electric field resistant cable (EMC);
- Oil resistant cable;
- Cables resistant to chemical(s);
- Weather resistant cables;
- Minimum service temperature (-40°) cables adapt to for example the industrial refrigeration sector;
- Maximum operating temperature (+85°) cables;
- Flexible cables (Flex) (for industrial sectors using for example variation-speed engines, welding machines, transport belt, assembly line or in civil/construction engineering etc.);
- with thermosetting rubber /flexible copper sheath;
- PVC insulation cables
                                                                                                    and many more.


See the certificates of the cables. If you cannot find a suitable characteristic of the industrial cable(s) in the catalogue or in this page, for your needs, do not hesitate to contact us, we have a wide range of cable and we are open to discuss the possibility of manufacturing one according to your exigencies.


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