Fiber optic cables for every type of environment and installation 

Fibre Optic Cables Overview (including hybrid cables)

Helkama has been manufacturing optic fibre cables for over 30 years. The first commercial deliveries were made already in the 80´s.
The reliability and the mechanical characteristics are the most important criteria when measuring the quality of the optic fiber cables for data transmission. The very harsh Nordic weather conditions have supported us in setting our minimum quality standards.
The Helkama optic fibre cables are flame retardant, low smoke emission and halogen-free. There is an option in glass fibre, UV resistance and if requested oil resistance. The Helkama optic fiber cables respect the IEC normative.
We have delivered thousands of kilometres of optic fibre cables to all kinds of customers and to all kinds of installation environments. Our optical fiber cables product line consists of cables for indoor and outdoor installation in ducts, non-metallic cables for ducts and underground cables.
Operating temperature: - 45° / +70°
For additional technical Information look into the specific pages of the Helkama optical fibre indoor and outdoor applications (head office website):
- Helkama Optic Fibre cable


Helkama Hybrid cables

Helkama Bica also produces hybrid cables, combining power and optical cables, for telecommunication network. Hybrid cable creates remarkable savings in weight, wind area, installation time and material costs. Using a hybrid cable shortens installation time by reducing cable tray sizes and the number of clamps needed in tower or rooftop solutions. 
By using the Hybrid Solution, the installation team can finalize double the amount of installations compared to using the conventional solution with separate cables.
For additional technical Information look into our catalogue of telecommunication cables or in the specific page of the head office website. 
If you cannot find a suitable cable in the catalogue for your needs, do not hesitate to contact us, we are open to discuss the possibility of manufacturing one according to your exigencies.


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