Ultra-flexible H-FLEX cables for fixed and mobile applications

Cables suited for Energy sector - renewable sources (wind, hydroelectric, photovoltaic and solar)

Helkama H-FLEX cables are developed for applications demanding high mechanical performance as well as high chemical and oil and other fluids resistance. The H-FLEX cables are high tensile strength, resistant to traction, to abrasions, to UV and ozone. They are also flame retardant and halogen free.  H-FLEX cables are also mud resistant according to NEK606.
The range of H-FLEX cables is certified by DNV GL and BV. H-FLEX PUR Cables are type approved for Shipboard applications.
Ultra-flexible Cables can be used in free movable, free hanging as well as for fixed installation. Thus, they are always flexible, also during the operations of the machines. H-FLEX cables are intended for flexible, portable, movable applications, such as ship to shore cable, outdoor cranes and various industrial applications (as instrumentation machines, machineries, machine tools, robotic technology) and they can be submerged into the water.
The H-FLEX/ultra-flexible cables can be used in the energy sector industry, for renewable sources (wind, hydroelectric, photovoltaic and solar).


Operating temperature:
For fixed installations: -60° –  +80 °C
For mobile installations: -35° –  +80 °C


For additional technical Information look into our H-FLEX catalogue or see the page on the international website. 
H-FLEX PWR PUR (screened or unscreened power cables for flexible solutions);
H-FLEX PWR C-PUR (screened power and control cable for flexible use);
H-FLEX CTL PUR (unscreened control cable for flexible use);
H-FLEX CTL C-PUR (screened control cable for flexible use);
H-FLEX INS PUR (unscreened instrumentation and control cable for flexible use);
H-FLEX INS C-PUR (screened instrumentation and control cable for flexilbe cables).


See the certificates of the cables. If you cannot find a suitable cable in the catalogue for your needs, do not hesitate to contact us, we are available in the sale of ultra-flexible cables and for energy industry, responding to your exigencies.


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